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240ft 8,500Ton Dry Dock - 14096

8,500T 240ft Dry Dock For Sale 140 ft Width between wing walls, 26 ft Wingwall height between above Pontoon-deck 26ft, Wingwall Width 10 ft, Wingwall ...

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300ft Dry Dock 3000T capacity

300ft Dry Dock For Sale 3,000T Capacity 64ft Width between wingwalls 6.5ft Pontoon depth,20ft Wingwall height above pontoons,5ft Wingwa ...

Price: $3,200,000.00

150ft Dry Dock 1,500T Capacity - 14100

150ft Dry Dock For Sale 1500T Capacity. 64ft Width between wingwalls, 6.5ft Pontoon depth, 20ft Wingwall height above Pontoon deck, 5ft Wingwall Width ...

Price: $2,600,000.00

170ft Dry Dock 2800T Capacity - 14101

170ft Dry Dock For Sale,2,800T Capacity,60ft-Width between Wingwalls,9.5ft-Pontoon depth,20ft Wingwall height above Pontoons,7.5ft Wingwall width,125f ...

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400 Ton Marine Travel Lift - 14915

400 Ton Marine Travel Lift For Sale Like New.Travelift is new, has only made one test lift!Travelift clear dimensions are 44’ Wide and 44’ ...

Price: $2,950,000.00
New Price: $2,750,000.00