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163ft Freezer-Factory Longliner - 9190

49M Long Liner Freezer Factory Ship For Sale.Set up to process H&G Tooth Fish. Processing is based on heading and gutting or whole freezing Carnit ...

Price: $8,500,000.00

90Ft Steel Sword-Tuna Longliner - 14977

Used 90ft Steel Sword & Tuna Longliner For Sale. Ice vessel - chilling and chill surface of long line caught tuna and swordfish.   Built ...

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65ft Fiberglass Longliner - 13243

Used Solid Fiberglass Long Liner For Sale. Fully rigged ready to go.Has 2 ton ice machine.Holds 35,000lbs iced fish. Strongly built. Electronics. ...

Price: $325,000.00

75ft Steel Long Liner - 14534

Used 75ft Steel Aft Cabin Long Liner For Sale.Fully rigged and working.Has Sword fish, loligo squid, giant squid, yellow tail, white seabass, sha ...

Price: $199,000.00
New Price: $240,000.00

70ft Fiberglass Long Liner - 14531

Used 70ft Solid Fiberglass Seiner, Long Liner For Sale. Working vessel ready to go. Has commercial fishing license for Sword fish, loligo squid, giant ...

Price: $125,000.00

95ft Steel Longliner - 14747

Used 95ft Steel Longliner For Sale.Fully rigged and ready to go.Reported in very good condition. LP super spool, beeper buoys, line shooter.Complete g ...

Price: $650,000.00

60Ft Steel Trawler - 14982

Used 60ft Steel Trawler For Sale. Ice vessel - chilling and chill surface of catch.Full navaids.Fited with 3 ton/day ice machine.Hyd trawl crane. ...

Price: $320,000.00

110ft Steel Longliner - 15258

Used 110ft Steel Longliner For Sale.2 x 50 mile Lindgren Pitmann long line reels 1 x 45 mile Lindgren Pitmann long line reel. 5 bins with ready-m ...

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42ft Fiberglass Bottom Longliner - 15637

Used Solid Fiberglass Bottom Longliner For Sale. 10,000 lb ice hold. Good electronics. 5 mile bottom reel. ...

Price: $49,800.00