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150' Supply Vessel for Sale - File 5531

150ft Steel Utility Boat For Sale. Vessel has been sitting but with machinery operated on a regular basis. Certs have been surrenderred. ...

Price: $400,000.00
New Price: $275,000.00

220ft Supply Boat - 9738

Used Steel Supply Vesel For Sale. 3900HP Mains. 50hp Bow Thruster.  Liquid Mud Tanks. Sleeps 22. 142 x 38 clear deck space.  Certified 1030 ...

Price: $725,000.00

166ft Steel PSV - File# 382

Used Steel Platform Supply Vessel For Sale. In excellent condition. Fresh drydock May 2014. has 21 moon pool. Deck Crane on board. New USCG Certificat ...

Price: $1,050,000.00

195ft STeel Platform Supply Vessel (PSV) - 10747

Used Steel Platform Supply Vessel(PSV) For Sale.All current loadline and certs. In current operation.Bow thruster.Sleeps 52 persons.Has living contain ...

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220ft Platform Supply DP-1 - File# 13146

Used 220ft Platform Supply Vessel Fitted with DP-1 For Sale. Needs good cleaning up, Cold stacked for 4 years ...

Price: $725,000.00

300ft Supply-Cargo Vessel - 13924

Used DP-2=FIFI Supply Cargo Vessel. In RINA class. Kongsberg DP-2(Dynamic positioning System)- DP2.FIFI 1.Deck space 1200 m2.SPS 2005.Presently workin ...

Price: $12,000,000.00

185ft Offshore Supply Vessel - 14224

Used 188ft Offshore RoRo Supply Vessel For Sale. 3000HP. life saving equipment up to date and fully operational. Speed up to 14 kts. Hydraulic ramp at ...

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180ft Platform Supply Vessel(PSV) - 14044

Used Platform Supply Vessel For Sale(PSV).Has ABS class & loadine. USCG certs. Navaids.Bow Thruster.640 tone dedck cargo.115'x32' clear deck space ...

Price: $395,000.00

180ft Platform Supply Vessel - 14969

Used 180ft Platform Supply Vessel (PSV) For Sale. ABS loadlined & classed.USCGcert Sub 46 plus I. Reported ready to go. ...

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150ft Platform Supply Vessel - 15069

Used 150ft DP-1 Platform Suply Vessel.USCG COI & ABS loadline.Full electronics. 2700sq ft of clear deck.Certified for 335 tons deck cargo.Has ster ...

Price: $1,700,000.00

225ft Platform Supply Vessel(PSV)-15202

Used platform supply vessel(PSV) DP-1 for sale.Reported in very good overall condition. Has north sea stacks. In abs class.ABS Class - The vessel rece ...

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150ft Mini Supply Vessel - 15407

150ft Mini Supply Vessel For Sale. Operating, ready to go.Well equipped, well kept. 90x30' of clear deck, ...

Price: $1,300,000.00
New Price: $1,175,000.00

150ft Mini-Supply Vessel DP1 - 15411

Used Steel DP1 Mini-Supply Vessel for sale. Set up to pump mud & water. 1260 bbls of mud capacity. Fire monitor. Ready to go. USCG Sub L. Can carr ...

Price: $1,350,000.00
New Price: $1,200,000.00

150' Offshore Supply Vessel - File# 15416sc

150' Offshore Supply Vessel For Sale - Vessel is in very good condition with current certificates. Ready to work. CAT Main Engines & Generators. ...

Price: $1,055,000.00

150' Offshore Supply Vessel - 15470

150' Offshore Mini Supply Vessel For Sale - Vessel is in very good condition with current certificates.ABS Loadline, Solas. Ready to work. CAT Main En ...

Price: $1,300,000.00
New Price: $1,075,000.00

210ft DP 1 Platform Supply Vessel(PSV)- 15497

Used 210ft DP1 Platform Supply Vessel(PSV) For Sale.Reported in very good overall condition. Has north sea stacks. ABS class SOLAS certified, USCG Cer ...

Price: $3,100,000.00

210ft. DP2 Offshore Supply Vessel - 15694

210' DP2 Offshore Supply Vessel For Sale - Vessel is in good overall condition. Vessel has full certificates and is ready to work. Immediately availab ...

Price: $2,500,000.00