Boats for Sale Around the World - PT 2

Boats for Sale Around the World - PT 2

There are many Boats for Sale around the world,  and Ocean Marine Brokerage is an international Firm that specializes in matching buyers and sellers the world over. Your search or the perfect sea-fairing vessel shouldn't be limited tot he port in your own backyard. This would limit you to very few available options. It's important to note that the vast majority of our business - 85% in fact - has been done with international deals- not just buyers in the united states.  This shows clearly that Boat sales is inherently by its nature an international market. This is made even mroe apparent by the fact that boats are designed to traverse large bodies of water that connect is international- our oceans and seas! Read on to learn more about what kinds of Boats you can expect to find through Ocean Marine Brokerage Firm.

Commercial shipping at sea is important, and a major industry. If you simply cannot find a vessel large enough to meet your operation's size needs- you just might be looking fora barge! We offer a wide selection of the highest quality barges. Barges ar large flat vessels designed for transporting huge amounts of goods overseas. 

Live-Aboard Vessels:
Many of the boats for sale we carry fall under the category of live-aboard. You might be thinking house-boat- and yes this would technically fall under this umbrella. However, the most common type of liveaboard boat you might encounter is actually a Yacht. Yachts are luxury boats built to house a small crew and cater to the owner and their entourage as a luxury transport. A yacht is like an at sea-party house and ocean limousine in one. 

Pilot-Patrol Security Vessels
These kinds of boats were used mostly by police, or coast guard rescue teams, and operations. Their purpose is for patrolling a smaller area of designated ocean or sea, and to provide service and support to an operation taking place in that area

Passenger vehicles:
These ships are built to safely transport and accommodate people over shorter periods. Generally, you'll find passenger vehicles used at lake tours, fishing events, or leisure cruises that provide entertainment for several hours- but do not house overnight stay and events like cruise liners. 

These are just some examples of the many Boats for Sale around the world brokered by Ocean Marine. For more info on our process, give one of our friendly reps a call today at: 985-448-0409

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