Tug Boats for Sale by Ocean Marine

Tug Boats for Sale by Ocean Marine

Ocean Marine Brokerage Firm is a national leader in the sale and purchasing process for marine vessels worldwide, including but not limited to Tug Boats. Though we are based in the United States we do the vast majority of our business internationally. In fact, in the past 15 years over 85% of our business has been done between international buyers and sellers. We have been a highly regarded name in the commercial marine vessel brokerage industry since 1978. Our office are located along the gulf coast, but we work with ports all over the world. From start to finish we totally remove the headaches from the often tedious process of selling or investing in a commercial marine vessel. This includes sale, purchase, shipment, and delivery to your home port. We work with numerous highly regarded ocean and sea shipping partners to make this process a smooth transition. Today we wanted to talk to you a bit about one of the types of the vessel we broker often, and that is the Tug boat.

Know that Tug Boats come in various shapes and sizes that help them perform in specific areas or with a particular purpose. However, all tugs essentially perform the same conceptual task. That task is to be the tow trucks of the marine world. Tugs push and/or pull other marine vessels or structures across oceans, rivers, and seas. This can include boats that would otherwise navigate themselves but cannot due to a limitation. This could be as emergent as a breakdown, or something more specific such as a narrow area the boat being towed does not possess the ability to navigate on its own. Tug boats are often also used to move Marine based structures that normally cannot move on their own at all such as barge platforms or oil rigs.  To that end here are some ofl types of towing a tug, or type of tug can do:

  1. Emergency - For towing broken down sea vessels
  2. Harbour - Sheltered water towing, moving a boat into or out of a berth.
  3. Canal Transit  - for moving a vessel through a narrow canal
  4. Escort - Precaution for navigating difficult waters where damage might otherwise occur.

If you're in the market and looking at Tug Boats, contact the professionals at Ocean Marine Brokerage Firm today. We can give yoiu a detailed idea of what the process entails, what to expect, and of course point you to the vessel that properly suits your needs.  Ocean Marine Brokerage Firm- Bringing Buyers and Sellers Together!

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