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Ocean Marine is a brokerage firm that specializes in pairing buyers and sellers of marine vessels, such as supply boats, to make the sale and acquire the boat needed for the buyer's purpose. We are professionals in the industry of marine vessel brokerage. Since 1978, we have been building a reputation as one of the most trustworthy, and thorough international marine brokerage firms in the entire world. Over 85% of our business conducted in the past 15 years has been international dealings. If you are in the market for supply boats, look no further than Ocean Marine Brokerage Firm. read on to learn more about Supply boats, and how we can help you sell or purchase one.

Supply boats, also known as Platform Supply Vessels, or PSVs, are specifically designed with the purpose of resupplying offshore oil and natural gas rigs, and platforms. Boats of this nature range in size anywhere from 50 to 100 meters long. Though they are capable of accomplishing a variety of objectives, their primary task is logistical in nature. They are used most often to bring tools, goods, equipment, and personnel to the offshore structures mention above. They are part of a broader umbrella of marine vessels referred to as OSVs or "off-shore vessels".

When searching through available Supply boats for sale, one should not consider undertaking this task without professional assistance. For one, limiting your search is a negative possibility of not using a brokerage firm. Ocean Marine works with buyers and sellers all over the world, expanding your options. We also work with the best, most respected inspectors, and appraisers in the industry. We handle the headache of making sure the vessel is up to standards and codes. when it comes time to purchase, we help with the process of completing the financial arrangements. Additionally, we work with many shipping and towing agencies to find the most reliable method and best possible rates to transport your vessel to its homeport with safety and peace of mind.  None of these aspects of purchasing a marine vessel can be safely handled in a truly risk-free manner without involving professionals. 

When looking to purchase your next boat, contact the friendly staff at Ocean Marine Brokerage Firm. Bringing buyers and sellers together around the world since 1978!

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