Crew Boats for Sale by Ocean Marine

Crew Boats for Sale by Ocean Marine

Ocean Marine Brokerage firm works with Sellers all over the world with crew boats for sale! Since 1978 we have built a firmly established reputation as a Marine Vessel broker, not just in the United States, but worldwide. In the last 15 years over 85% of our business has been conducted by pairing international buyers and sellers together. If you hear reading this right now, you're likely looking into Crew boats for sale, and with our international selection, we're sure we can help you obtain a vessel that precisely suits your needs. Read on to learn more about crew boats in general, and then how Ocean Marine is your best choice when searching Crew Boats for Sale.

What is a Crew Boat?
Crew boats are also known by two other designations, fast support vessels, and fast supply vessels. generally speaking, Crew boats are responsible for transporting personnel to and from offshore installations such as oil rigs or natural gas platforms. They are also capable of carrying smaller above and below deck cargo. Crew boats receive a maximum occupancy limit from the US coast guard and can carry any number of personnel up to this limit. Generally, this limit is somewhere between 50 - 100 people on board. They can range in sizes from very small, 30 to 60 feet long, all the way up to 200 foot long vessels. Crew boats usually are built using aluminum, and often are powered by turbocharged diesel engines.  some offshore crew boats are even equipped with overnight amenities such as showers, galleys, and staterooms for the crew.

If the description above matches what you're looking for than hunting down crew boats for sale was the right move. An even better move is to contact the professionals at Ocean marine brokerage Firm to help you find the right vessel, at the right price. Our professional staff can explain the process in detail, but generally speaking, these are some of the important facets of what we do:

  • Ensure the integrity and state of any vessel by hiring the most trusted and professional inspectors.
  • Provide a safe middle ground for high profile financial transactions between buyers and sellers using varying currencies.
  • Work with the best, most trusted shipping partners to ensure your vessel reaches its home port.
  • Provide a stable, trusted marketplace for buyers and sellers to expand their vessel exchange options.

Call today, for more information and a brochure on our process. Ocean Marine Brokerage Firm, bringing buyers and sellers together all over the world!

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