Purchasing a Boat with a Broker

Purchasing a Boat with a Broker

Purchasing a Boat is an incredibly tedious, daunting, and expensive task that requires more attention to detail than you might think at first. Ocean Marine brokerage firm is an international partner in helping move sales forward in the marine vessel world. Though our offices are located along the Gulf coast of the United States, we work with buyers and sellers all over the world. In fact, that's precisely what it means to be a brokerage firm. We are a professional manager o the financial transaction that occurs between buyers, and sellers of marine vessels. Purchasing a boat is not like buying something at the store, or even like buying a car. The process is more akin to purchasing property, with all of the regulations and subtleties involved in it. This is why it's important to have a professional broker involved in the process, much like having a professional real estate agent when looking to purchase any property.

When purchasing a boat, you'll want to ensure a few key criteria are met in order to ensure your money is not wasted. Boats suffer damages from being at sea, which is normal and expected. As a buyer, you'll be happy to know we work with appraisers and inspectors all over the world. These industry professionals can determine the state of the vessel, what if any repairs need to be made, and if the boat is up to code to be sold and operated. 

You'll also want to know that your options aren't limited to your own backyard. Marine Vessels were designed to open up the world to their operators, and there are great boats to choose from all over the world. Having more options means more variety, and the increased likelihood you'll be purchasing a boat that suits your needs and meets your financial expectations. 85% of our business in the last 15 years has come from pairing international buyers and sellers together. This shows that having a worldwide market is a huge benefit. 

From start to finish Ocean Marine is there to ensure both the buyer and seller have a positive experience. We work with the most reputable Shipping and Towing agencies the world over to ensure your vessel is delivered to its homeport, safely and promptly.

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