Worldwide Boat Sales

Worldwide Boat Sales

Worldwide Boat Sales are the way to go if you're looking to purchase a marine vessel for just about any purpose, be it private or commercial. Ocean Marine Brokerage firm has been in the business of matching international buyers and sellers of marine vessels since the 1970s. This means we've had the time to forge an absolutely unmatched reputation for being efficient, trustworthy, reliable, and this extends to the partners we work with that help complete the monumental task of purchasing a boat.

Purchasing a boat is not akin to going to the car dealership and signing a few forms, resulting in you driving your new vehicle off the lot within hours. Worldwide Boat Sales and purchasing is more like selling and buying real estate, except internationally. There are many more layers to the transaction than just selection, test drive, and sign. This is why its good to work with a broker who handles Worldwide Boat Sales, the same way you'd work with a real estate agent when looking for a new home, land, or property. 

You're going to not just personally want to ensure but be required to have a vessel you are selling or looking to buy, pass several inspections to ensure the boat is up to code. This isn't just for general operations, or to make sure you get your money's worth, but to ensure the safety of the crew on board, as well as anyone else at sea. We work with the highest-rated, most reputable inspectors, and appraisers in the industry, the whole world over.

Worldwide Boat Sales means you open your doors to possibilities outside of the limitations of your home port. Boats were meant to open the seas, and by extension, the world to us. Limiting your search to your own backyard not only reduces your choices but is outside the spirit of owning and purchasing a marine vessel. Over 75% of our business in the last 15 years has come from pairing buyers and sellers together, internationally. If you're looking to purchase a vessel, Ocean Marine Brokerage Firm is the one to trust to handle the search, inspections, financials, and even the shipping to and from anywhere in the world!



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