Commercial Boat Sales by Ocean Marine

Commercial Boat Sales by Ocean Marine

Commercial Boat Sales is a field that is a lot more layered than you might believe. While it's obvious to most that buying a boat is not like walking into the store and paying for an item, many are still not aware of the details of the process. Many people have the impression that purchasing a boat is akin to the process of buying a car. It makes sense to have this thought, as both require investments, financing, credit, are transportation vehicles, and require a longer process than a typical retail transaction. However, with most car sales, all you really need is to be armed with a bit of knowledge about what you are looking for, and what to look out for. With just that and your wallet, you're able to make a deal with a car dealership and be driving off the lot soon, sometimes that very same day within hours. Commercial Boat Sales, however, is far more complex and in fact, if there were a comparison to another market we'd say its a lot closet to looking into purchasing real estate, or land. 

For many of the same reasons you'd consider hiring a real estate agent, and probably should do so when purchasing property, you should look into working with an Online brokerage firm when looking into Commercial Boat Sales. Ocean Marine brokerage firm has been in the business of pairing sellers, and buyers of marine vessels together since 1971. We don't just do this in our own backyard, and are proud of our international business model. Boats are intended to connect us together via the world's oceans, and its the world's oceans we search when offering boats for sale on our website and brochures. 

Some of the major aspects of Commercial Boat Sales that should be handled by a professional broker are:

  • Identifying Sellers around the world, and listing their Vessels
  • Hiring appraisers to ensure the vessel meets an appropriate sale value
  • Hiring inspectors to ensure the boat meets a reasonable standard and is up to code. 
  • Hiring a reputable shipping agency to ensure the vessel reaches its new homeport safely, and securely
  • Handling the financial transaction so that both parties have a central ground of trust.

None of the above facets should be approached alone, or without the knowledge that comes with over 40 years of experience in Commercial Boat Sales like had by Ocean Marine Brokerage Firm. for more info on our process, or  a brochure, call in and talk to one of our friendly representatives today at  985-448-0409

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