Types of Tug Boats

Different Types of Tug boats are workboats used for towing other boats. They can be used to move boats that are powerless and also to maneuver large boats around the harbor. They move barges, floating work platforms, narrowboats, and even larger ships around ports, harbors, and marinas. However, getting one for charter is now easy as there are many of them available for use in different ways.

There are three main types of tug boats and their names indicate what they are used for. There are the seagoing, the harbor, and the river tug boats. The seagoing tugs are tough because they are designed to cope with the turbulent nature of the sea and they are subdivided into three types. There is the standard seagoing tug that tows other boats using a heavy cable called a hawser. We also have another one called the notch tug which tows other boats by fitting into the notches at their rear. The third type is the integral unit tug which is a tug and barge designed to function together. They firmly lock together and can combine with other vessels making them look like a single vessel.

The harbor tug boats work in harbors to move other boats and for proper management of the harbor. In addition, they assist ships in docking maneuvers and also in departing the shore for the open sea. The river tug works on rivers as the name implies. It also works on other inland waterways and is not safe to go into the sea. It doesn't have a hawser like the seagoing tug but it possesses a flat front end specially designed to push other boats around. As a result of this, it has limitations as to the functions it can perform.

A tug boat charter is ideal for those interested in using one and using the service of a reputable broker is not out of place. It will make the process a lot easier and give you the advantage of getting your job done fast. There are different kinds of brokers but if you carefully conduct research, you will find the right one that can be trusted with your job. A broker will give you an array of options to choose from and make the necessary arrangements on your behalf. This way, you won't need to spend a lot of time searching for the best deal available as it would be professionally handled by your broker.