Deck Spud Barge

Finding the proper Deck Spud Barge for what you are looking for can be a pain but at Ocean Marine we aim to make it easy. As a great choice for gatherings on or near the water we ensure that we can help get you the proper barge for your needs. 


The Deck Spud Barge is the ultimate choice for a large group of people or parties planning an event on the lake or near the water such as a party or a regatta. These are used for commercial activities and large scale parties because of their durability and low price for the size they offer. They are very versatile, which makes them perfect for most commercial or public uses whether for fishing, boating, swimming, party, picnicking or just relaxing at the end of a day. When purchasing one of these barges, you are going to need to determine exactly how much you would like to spend on it because there are many different options that are available in the market for this specific unit.

Deck Spud Barge - Lightweight; Small; Tug Boat; Spun Gas Cruiser; Medium; Tug Boat/Deck Stow/Sport fisherman. Deck Spud Barge/Pusher Tug Boat combo package deals include the Deck Spud Barge, Tug Boat, and Pushing Boat. This unit is the best choice for large groups of people because it is very versatile and can be used for a variety of events. It has many features that make it great for people who want to use the boats for different types of events. The deck spud barge has a very small footprint in comparison to other boats and is easily stored on a small space at a party or event.

The Deck Spud Barge has a long list of satisfied customers. This type of boat has a lot of unique features and you will be able to find them by examining the barge. The deck barge should be in good condition and functioning properly because people will need to use it for quite some time before it departs from the dock. The deck barge should be cleaned regularly because if it has a lot of grass and soil on it, then it won't be able to function properly. Make sure that there are no leaks in the deck barge and you can check this through the owner's manual that comes with the unit.

When looking to purchase new build barges, you want to take a little time to examine each one very closely before placing your order in today. If you are purchasing the deck spud barge or the new build type, then you will need to examine the items that come with the unit very carefully. Look at the parts to see if they are in good condition and functioning correctly. You don't want to buy a new build barge and find out that some of the items are broken or not functioning because you have already spent a lot of money on them.

Once you examine the features of each deck barge that you are interested in purchasing, you want to compare the prices as well. There is nothing worse than buying an item and finding out that it isn't in good condition, but you can save money if you take your time and do a thorough inspection. When you have a good condition barge, then it will be easier for you to resell or trade it in the future. There is always someone selling a used or preowned tug barges or deck barge. There are several websites that allow you to place an offer on a barge. If you are purchasing a new build barge from a company online, then you will want to examine the shipping policy so that you know how much you will be paying for the barge and what will happen if you do not pay within the agreed time period.

Once you have located a good condition deck barge, then you will want to do an inspection and give it a good visual inspection. If you will be transporting a live cargo, then you should ensure that there are no defects with the building of the vessel. You should inspect the engine, the hull, any fittings and any equipment that require painting. In the case of a pre owned or a used tug boat, it is important that you check the motor, the hull, the sails, the transom, the winch, the anchor and any other equipment that require attention. If the boat has been thoroughly inspected, then you will be able to get an idea of the cost of the project.

If you are searching for a  deck spud barge, look no further than Ocean Marine - call today. 985-448-0409 

Deck Spud Barge

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