Passenger Car Ferry

Transporting cars across water requires a specific type of boat. At Ocean Marine, we can help you find a great passenger car ferry to move cars. International boat brokers make used passenger car ferries for sale easy to find, research, and purchase from sellers living around the world. Continue reading to learn more or search through passenger car ferry categories to find the one that best fits your needs!

A ship that carries cargo or people by sea to a particular destination is called a passenger boat or passenger ferry. They often operate in international waters and on the high seas. Ferries are mostly used for transporting large amounts of people and are known for their speed, comfort, and luxury. There are various types of ferries that are used for different purposes.

One of the main types of ferry services is the pure car carrier. These ships are mostly used for transporting goods, bulk products, and other objects which cannot be carried in smaller ships or on land. These vessels are mostly owned by individual travelers who want to save on time and fuel and also want to travel easily. Unlike luxury liners, these vessels do not have all the facilities of a passenger liner. Although there are some car carriers which provide accommodation.

Other than the bare boats there are other types of ferries like the pallet ferry, which can carry between three to eight passengers depending on the capacity of the vessel. These vessels are known for their speed and efficiency. Also, these vessels have special ramps where the containers are loaded. The container is loaded from the rear and taken to the front or the port side of the vessel.

Another type of ferry used by private individuals or small companies is the deck car carrier. This kind of ferry has one or more decks, which can be used for loading and unloading. The containers are loaded by lifting the containers off the ramps and then climbing down the sides of the deck. These kinds of vessels have fewer amenities but are good enough for carrying out small loads.

The third kind of ferry is the bulk carrier or multi-function ships. These are large passenger vessels which are used for carrying a wide range of goods. These goods include food, building materials, personal belongings etc. the company using this kind of ship is responsible for managing the loading and unloading as well as providing services such as loading and unloading at the desired destinations.

A railway train ferry is also another mode of traveling between different places. There are high-speed trains that can easily carry a large number of passengers between two or more destinations. These can be used for the purpose of transporting freight or passengers who are traveling from one country to another for business purposes.

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Passenger Car Ferry