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Searching for the right Steel Trawler and not having any luck? Ocean Marine can help you find a great Steel Trawler that fits your construction needs. Commercial Steel Trawler is a vessel used in the making of ships. It's construction involves heavy construction equipment such as cranes, welding machines and generators. It is commonly used for making docks, watercraft carriers, long liners and dock walls.

 Commercial Steel Trawler has a variety of features, but the most important aspect of this vessel type is the hull exterior design. As it is very important to get a good hull design, we will discuss some of the different options you can go for when constructing a Commercial Steel Trawler:

As mentioned above, the hull exterior is one of the main aspects of this ship type. There are two basic styles, each with their own benefits and drawbacks. These two hull types include wet-dock and dry-dock. The first has an open plan section, while the second has a fully enclosed hull that comes with a weatherproof undercoat, perfect for the rough seas.

Dry docks have a fully enclosed hull exterior and it comes with two coats of weatherproofing hourglass epoxy. Norglass epoxy coats provide protection from acid spray and corrosion. Two coats of this weatherproofing solution are applied over either concrete or wood surfaces. Norglass epoxy is a hard wearing composite coating that is used on just about everything made from metal. Commercial Steel Trawler with a dry dock hull style is very popular in many industrial applications including shipbuilding, container ships, oil platforms, marine dredging, dry docks and more.

Wet docks are manufactured using a conventional construction process. It is important to note however that wet-dock buildings are vulnerable to corrosion if they come into contact with seawater for a long period of time. In order to avoid this, wet docks are normally constructed with weatherproofing coatings applied on both the exterior and interior. This weatherproofing solution provides protection against water and corrosion, while the building is being built or when it is being installed. Generally, only a single coat is required for wet-dock buildings.

Norglass is a resilient, biodegradable and fire-resistant white metal that can be painted any color. It is mixed with synthetic rubber for its elasticity and hardness. Norglass epoxy is applied over both the exterior and interior coats of steel. The combination of these two coats creates a coating that resists corrosion, is fire resistant and requires low maintenance. Norglass is suitable for both cold work and warm work applications.

Commercial Steel Trawler with a fiberglass hull design is also popular in the construction industry. Common steel used in shipshape and also commercially available as a do it yourself kit is galvanized steel. Galvanized steel is used to create large ships and even building ships out of concrete. When creating a shipshape or commercial hull, two coats of epoxy are applied to the exterior and an interior coating of fiberglass or laminate is placed inside.

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Steel Trawler