Work Boats for Sale on the Mississippi River

Searching for a great Work boat for sale on the Mississippi River? Ocean Marine Brokerage Services can help you find the right boat for the job! Ocean Marine Brokerage Services is a brokerage company in Louisiana that specializes in selling used work boats from all over the USA. We firmly believe in placing the right work boats with the right owner(s). We personally go on every vessel when listing to insure listing accuracy, quality control, and personal knowledge of that vessel. If you have any questions about Work Boats for Sale on the Mississippi River call Ocean Marine Brokerage Services today. 985-448-0409


When listing a vessel, we get all the details. We take photos and can upload videos of all vessels listed. Video shows actual footage of the vessel’s condition, appearance, and gives a viewer the feeling of being there. When buying a vessel from Ocean Marine Brokerage Services you can expect the best personal experience on any service. We are firm believers in word of mouth and repeat business. We will be with you from the introduction to the follow-up, and we will teach any new owner how to run, operate, and dock a vessel safely and comfortably regardless of how much time you might require.


Buyers and sellers on the Mississippi River and the United States of America can rest assured that Ocean Marine Brokerage Services will do all the hard work to make your work boat buying experience enjoyable. We can help with financing, insurance, shipping, deliveries, and service work. Our goal at Ocean Marine is to ensure that the entire process buyers and sellers can rest assured that they are in great hands.


Commercial boats - as varied as the jobs they are required to do. In today's marketplace this could mean a commercial fishing boat; types, for example, may include potters, netters, crabbers, trawlers, shrimpers, dredgers, creelers, clammers, scallop dredgers,


It could include commercial passenger vessels, commercial tugs, commercial Dutch barges, cargo ships, patrol, and security boats, and even professional dive boats. This is by far not an all-inclusive list, but gives a bit of insight into the different types of new and used commercial boats for sale you might find listed below:


  • Supply Boats
  • Tugs
  • Crew Boats
  • Fishing Boats
  • Barges
  • Cranes
  • And Many More


Work boats are a broad term to describe vessels that are used for a variety of marine applications. They are typically used for assisting or transportation purposes. Buy or sell new or used work boats on Ocean Marine Brokerage website.

Work Boats for Sale on the Mississippi River

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