Commercial Fishing Boat

There are two types of fishing vessels: commercial fishing boats and recreational fishing boats. There are many types of fishing boats available. Ocean Marine Brokerage specializes in all types of commercial fishing boats.

Trawlers are commercial fishing boats that are used to search the oceans looking for fish. The trawlers simply drag a net through the water to catch fish. The nets, which are not selective in their catch of fish, are frequently considered unsuitable for commercial fishing. Trawlers either drag their nets along bottom of ocean, or at depth dependent on type of fish being caught. Although trawlers are usually a single craft, they can also work in groups.


Drifters are another type of fishing boat that is well-known. These are commercial vessels that take in and send out drift nets. The nest is the most controversial fishing boat, since it is believed to be responsible for large numbers of dolphin and turtle deaths. International waters have banned drift fishing, and many national waters allow only limited use of nets. Although there are limits to the size of nets, 2.5km seems like a long net.


Other types of boats exist, such as the Seine fishing boat also known by itser. These boats use nets that hang vertically above the water, and fish are essentially circled into the net. Factory ships can also be used as fishing boats. These vessels can be trawlers or seiners, drifters, or any other vessel that processes and freezes their fish catches.


Although most recreational fishing is done by the lake or riverside, it is not uncommon for fishing boats to be used. Charter boats are often associated with recreational fishing. It is not common to have a charter boat. This depends on what type of fishing you are doing. The boats in the Caribbean are more like private yachts, while the vessels used for commercial fishing are more traditional.


However, there are smaller recreational fishing boats available such as pontoon and kayak fishing boats. These boats can be used by one to two anglers and allow them to fish in places that larger boats cannot reach. Ocean Marine Brokerage specializes in all types of commercial fishing boats.