Commercial Lobster Boats

You can still find used or new commercial lobster boats for sale by using international boat brokers such as Ocean Marine Brokerage Services. Instead of searching through local reseller websites and used boat websites, trust the experts with your search.

All interested parties can find international brokerage services in one place. It's easy for them to use and easy to find. No matter what your need is, Ocean Marine can help you!

Licensing boat brokers can make it easier to find trustworthy buyers and sellers by pulling from an international seller network and posting used listings for specific selections such as commercial lobster boats for sale online. This includes all types of vessels, as well as yachts, charters, boats and other commercial vessels. Below are some recent arrivals.

Commercial Lobster Boats For Sale - Recent Listings

90’ Steel Twin Screw Trawler Lobster boat

50' Longliner Steel Lobster Longliner (w/ Aft Cabin).

34’ Solid Fiberglass Single-Screw Snapper - Grouper-Lobsterboat

34’ Fiberglass Snapper-Grouper - Lobster Charterboat

72" Steel Lobster Trawler with Freezer Hole

72" Steel Freezer Lobster Trawler

60’ Solid Fiberglass Snapper – Lobster Boat

International commercial boat brokers have a reputation for being trustworthy because they are committed to finding legitimate listings that contain accurate information. Ocean Marine uses local agents and representatives to verify every listing we post through our online marine brokerage service.

Our professional relationships with trusted industry contacts give us confidence in our ability and capability to help. We work with other agents and are always looking for new and used commercial lobsterboats for sale. In addition to finding new and used commercial lobsterboats for sale, we also find more decommissioned and unused commercial vessels that are ready for a new lease of life.

To see all of the listings, navigate to the Ocean Marine Brokerage Services website. Keep checking back and following us on social media so you don't miss a great deal (before someone else does it).

Contact the Ocean Marine team if you have any questions.


Commercial Lobster Boats For Sale

Our international boat brokerage services will help you find genuine listings for commercial lobster boats that are available online. Longliners, trappers, and many more!