90ft Propelled Deck Barge

For Sale 90ft Propelled deck barges File# 15574 - Selling Price: $150k
For Sale 90ft Propelled deck barge / Ex: US Navy Causeway Barge for Sale. Has 33 bolted individual pontoons. 5’ deck height. (2) 2-ft Spuds on stbd side raised & lowered by manual deck winches. Twin Disc transmission driving water jet propulsion units. Hydraulic steering and starting systems. Raw water cooling on mains. Has 2 storage compartments. Fire suppression system. The barge is fully modular and can be disassembled and trucked. Reported in very good condition There is an A-frame (hydraulic) that is at present not installed that is going with it and also a 40-ton hi-ab crane. The only issues are the fire fighting system is out of date and there is a small hole in the drive tunnel. We planned to have it fixed. Has a converted 20ft container with bunks, toilets shower, stove sink, and AC window unit. Has an externally mounted Ryobi gasoline generator for power
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