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A qualified marine broker can help you avoid frustration and save you time when you are looking for a used commercial ship for sale. Most people make the mistake of relying on local listings and catalogs that severely limit their choices.

Online ship brokerage services provide clients with a well-established network of international sellers and a wide-ranging catalog of available used commercial ships. Ocean Marine Brokerage Services is the premier choice when searching for a marine broker to assist you.

Unlike local ship dealers or scouring endless listings and directories, ship brokers use relationships and resources that have taken decades to establish to help match buyers with sellers all over the world. Ocean Marine Brokerage Services employs knowledgeable agents who build this relationship with sellers creating a fantastic opportunity for prospective buyers.

We have a passion and commitment to connecting people and speaking to sellers on the behalf of buyers to ensure the best price while helping buyers navigate the international used commercial vessel marketplace. Ocean Marine goes above and beyond for every client and their unique requirements.

A Vast Catalogue Available

What makes a marine broker like Ocean Marine Brokerage Services the best choice for buyers is the vast catalog we provide. We provide a selection which includes everything from fishing boats and barges to supply boats and crew boats.

Our agents, many of whom are former United States Coast Guard captains are trained in verifying the information on every listing and ensuring that all proper paperwork is in order. Ocean Marine’s trusted and knowledgeable agents guarantee that every client finds exactly what they need and are with you every step of the way.

Every one of our marine broker agents has developed relationships throughout the international used commercial ship marketplace which allows them to connect buyers with the best sellers. Whatever your budget and requirements are our agents can ensure to meet them.

We do not pride ourselves on how many ships we move or how quickly but instead on our integrity and mariner background. Our agents uphold this integrity with every relationship and negotiation so you can trust you are being represented as a buyer by the very best.

More About Us

Ocean Marine Brokerage Services is an international ship brokerage firm serving our customers since 1978. Since then, we have risen to a preeminent role in both the national and international commercial vessel industry. We have offices located along the Gulf Coast and our agents actively research your vessel requirements throughout the United States.

Our listings are extremely expansive which ensures you will be able to find exactly what you need. Be sure to browse this collection of brokerage vessels for sale. Contact our skilled agents today to learn how Ocean Marine Brokerage Services can help you.

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