Boat Brokers

Looking at used commercial vessels for sale? Ready to find the best ship to accommodate your needs? Pouring through the seemingly endless number of different listings can be frustrating and exhausting. Fortunately, that’s what used boat brokers are for.

Used boat brokers and marine brokerage services are an extremely useful resource when it comes to finding large work ships and commercial vessels. In fact, in many cases, a ship broker will even be capable of negotiating a better price. Finding the right buyer to match perfectly with a seller is what brokering is all about.

Let’s take a closer look at some of the key advantages for using boat brokers below. If you’re ready to begin looking at used commercial vessels for sale, feel free to utilize our complete database at Ocean Marine Brokerage Services.

How Boat Brokers Work

Brokerage firms are a practical solution for both buyers and sellers. Ship brokers utilize their wide-ranging contacts to find and sell used commercial ships for sale as an independent third-party. In addition to listings, brokerage firms also confirm details, negotiate on behalf of both parties, and complete any paperwork.

The advantages of using marine brokerage services fall into three categories - time, cost, and reach. To better understand, let's break each category down in more detail.


There are countless listings available for used vessels. It doesn’t matter if you’re looking for commercial fishing boats, supply boats, tug boats, deck barges, or something else - there will be a lot of options. The process to not only locate but visit with and inspect each of the vessels is time-consuming. Rather, boat brokers can help to locate the best options and confirm their authenticity for you.


Purchasing something like a commercial ship or used work boat isn’t like most purchases. You’ll want to carefully consider your options and be confident in your investment. A ship broker can help to lower the initial asking price by negotiating with the seller on your behalf about a more favorable agreement.


International ship brokerage firms utilize agents, industry contacts, and professional relationships from across the world. The access to reach international markets greatly improves the number of available listings while boosting the chances of finding a suitable vessel. Staying confined to a small or localized market isn’t sensible now that you can have a global reach.

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Boat Brokers