Different Types of Used Commercial Ships For Sale

Over the years, the most popular commercial ships available were all-purpose cargo vessels. Now, as technological advancements continue to progress, there are many more different types of used commercial ships for sale available than general cargo vessels.

Modern commercial ships are designed and built for a diverse range of applications and purposes. What’s more, many of the different types of commercial vessels available can even be chartered by operators to use temporarily for things like conferences, fishing trips, dredging, shrimping, cargo ferrying, and much more.

The following article will cover some of the different types of used commercial ships for sale commonly available. If you’re ready to look at a diverse collection of used commercial vessels for sale online, be sure to browse through the massive collection of listings on Ocean Marine Brokerage Services to see what we have to offer.

Different Types of Commercial Vessels

Some common types of commercial ships found throughout the world include tankers, barges, research vessels, fishing boats, dredgers, cargo ships, platform supply vessels (PSV), tug boats, and many more. Their name will generally indicate what they are designed to be used for, though some have more than one application. 

Tankers, for example, are used for carrying liquid cargo like oil and they are highly specialized in order to ensure the safety of the cargo they are carrying. On the other hand, bulk carriers are used for ferrying large amounts of cargo and are specially designed with large open holds to store and transport large amounts of raw materials

As clearly indicated by their names, cargo ships are used to ferry cargo while container barges are more modern cargo ship designs that allow goods to be carried in a limited space. Due to the growth of their sizes, barges can carry thousands of standard-sized rectangular containers.

Commercial fishing boats are used for large scale fishing out at sea and are specially designed to handle deep sea expeditions. It should also be noted that modern used commercial ships for sale are now more specialized in contrast to the past. 

Finding Used Commercial Ships For Sale

Though modern commercial vessel designs have had a positive impact on the industry as a while, some also produce unique challenges. As such, ample research should be done to ensure you are choosing the best type of vessel for your intended use. 

For this task, it’s highly recommended to seek out the experience and resourceful help of licensed ship brokerage agents. Ship brokers can help you with identifying the specific type of ship you need as well as locating options to choose from.

Ocean Marine Brokerage Services is proud to be among the top boat brokerage firms in the United States. We have experienced agents located around the globe with numerous specialty areas, including passenger, oilfield, fishing, cargo, and other industries. Contact us today to speak with a boat broker about how our agents can help locate the perfect commercial vessel suitable for your requirements.

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Used Commercial Ships For Sale