Preparing Your Used Boat For Sale- Part 2

Welcome to part 2 of Ocean Marine’s Guide to preparing your used marine vessel for sale! As a leading used commercial boat broker, we know all the best tips to help you make the best dividends on the sale of your boat. Browse part 1 to see our maintenance checklist and keep on reading to see how a clean ship will set you up for the smoothest selling process.  


Clean It Up

Making sure your boat looks visually appealing is important for a few reasons. First off, it gives a buyer the impression that the boat is well taken care of and maintained. Secondly, the buyer does not have to think about the preparations they will need to do and can fully focus on all the wonderful features of your vessel. 


A Blank Slate

Start by removing any personal effects from your boat. It may seem obvious, but it is best to do this sooner rather than later. Much like when staging and showing a house, having too many personal items can subconsciously deter a buyer if they are unable to imagine the boat as theirs. Removing clutter also serves the simple purpose of making things look more spacious. Once the boat is free of anything that will not be included with purchase, it is time for a deep clean. 


Deep clean

You may choose to hire a boat detailing service, but if the “damage” is not too extensive, a deep clean done by you (and maybe a couple of helpful friends or family members) should suffice. Deep clean carpets and consider replacing them if they have suffered too much damage. Many vessels have lots of drawers, cabinets, and compartments hidden about. Do a couple of rounds to make sure you’ve cleared out all of these consoles and sanitized them. 

Polish all of your metal surfaces to remove fingerprints, tarnish, or salt build-up. Clean your boat’s seating with a vinyl protectant. If your seats are cracked and have become unsightly, it may be a worthwhile investment to simply replace them. Cracked seats are one of the first things a buyer will notice. By taking the extra time up top to address these cosmetic and sanitary issues, you are going to instantly increase the value of your craft in the eyes of your prospective buyers. 

Using a power-washer, boat cleaner, and sponge make sure the outside of your boat is sparkling clean as well. If you have a fiberglass boat, make sure to apply a protective wax or polish after each wash to prevent UV damage to the hull’s gel coat. Make sure the deck and non-slip areas are thoroughly cleaned. Ideally, this is done with a bleach solution. Also, don’t forget about any windows or plexiglass panes. Clean, polish or replace them if necessary.


The Equipment

In part 1 of this article series, we walked you through the maintenance checklist you should go through to prep for sale. As important as it is that your mechanical elements work well, it is equally vital that they look like they work well. An owner, especially a first-time marine buyer, will turn their nose up at even the best equipment if it appears grimy. This is where a professional marine cleaning/repair service may come in handy.

You may consider a more intensive cleaning for some of your equipment, such as an engine steam cleaning. However, if you have recently done upgrades or carefully adhered to your maintenance schedule, some DIY spot cleaning and detailing should suffice. 


Selling your beloved recreational or commercial vessel is a major decision. There are many things you can do to give yourself the best return on investment and one of the main ones is working with a top brokerage service. Ocean Marine has emerged as the leading commercial marine brokerage partner due to our effortless online marketplace and meticulous attention to detail on each listing. Contact us today to get started selling your vessel with one of the largest and most reputable marine brokerage services in the game! 

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