Part 3- Preparing Your Used Boat For Sale

Welcome to the final installment of ‘Preparing Your Used Boat For Sale’! In this 3 part series, Ocean Marine’s sales experts have outlined the steps you should take when entering your boat to the market.  In Part One we covered the maintenance and repair of your boat’s mechanics.  Part 2 broke down sprucing up the appearance of your vessel. But even the most beautiful boat cannot sell itself, which is why part 3 will focus on the logistics of getting your boat sold in the most efficient and rewarding way possible. 


Prepare Your Paperwork

Whether you are selling independently or working with a top brokerage service like Ocean Marine, it is important to have all of your paperwork in order. Anything that documents service or equipment upgrades are important to have on hand to validate the asking price. Also, collect warranty documentation, the registration certificate, and all other documents you collected over the years. Finally, upon a transaction, a bill of sale must be a provider to the buyer by the seller. 


It is important to note that depending on the type of vessel you are selling and your location, additional paperwork may be necessary.  


Price Your Vessel

Pricing your vessel should be one of the last things you do as the appraised value can dramatically increase following any repairs and upgrades you make. You could price your boat yourself by researching the going cost of similar vessels. There are many online tools that help you do this. However, you run the risk of highly under or overpricing your vessel, which could lead to a quick sale that shortchanges you or a boat that stays on the market for far too long. 

Work With A Fantastic Marine Brokerage


A great way to both alleviate the stress of the above steps and get the best ROI for your vessel is to work with an esteemed marine brokerage service. A brokerage will help you price, prepare, and market your vessel to potential buyers in exchange for a small fixed percentage of the profits. This fee is a minimal fee in exchange for the expertise a broker brings to the table and the much higher chance you have of finding a top-dollar buyer than if trying to do the sale on your own. 


Doing your research in this step is crucial. Because there is such a wide variety of seafaring vessels being bought and sold, many brokerages work within niche markets. Ocean Marine, for example, is among the few top commercial marine brokerages in the world. Make sure to select a company that is not only highly regarded, but is also experienced in selling the type of boat you are trying to sell. This is important for two main reasons: 1) your broker will be more adept at navigating the laws and regulations of selling your vessel and 2) they will have an existing network of potential clients looking to buy vessels just like yours.   

Ocean Marine Brokerage Services

In business since 1985, Ocean Marine is a true expert in commercial marine sales. Our focus on both domestic and international connections means you will have the absolute best chance at getting the biggest return on your vessel. You will also be astounded at the time and hassle you can save by working with a top brokerage. Contact us today to see how Ocean Marine can elevate your selling experience. 

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