Types of Used Commercial Vessels At Ocean Marine

Supply Boats

Many vessels fall under the broad category of “supply boat”. Generally speaking, these are boats specially fitted to carry specialized supplies and machinery to offshore locations, often oil and gas rigs. Kinds of supply boats you will find on Ocean Marine include:


AHTS Boats

AHTS, or anchor handling tug supply, boats are outfitted with winches and designed to tug and secure anchors on oil rigs


PSV Boats 

PSV stands for Platform Supply Vessel. This type of boat is more generally equipped to transport supplies and personnel two and from a variety of offshore platforms. 


4 Point Boats

Simply enough, a 4 point supply boat is equipped with a 4 point mooring system.

Crew Boats

Crew Boats are equipped with living quarters for captains, seamen, and deckhands. We have crew boats as compact as 22ft and as large as 200ft. The number of crew members each vessel can accommodate varies and will be specified on a document from the coast guard called a certificate of inspection. Most crew boats will also provide ample space for the transport of supplies in addition to people. 



Ocean Marine has a variety of flat-bottomed barges. These include crane barges, tank barges, deck barges, hopper barges, and binwall barges. We also have dry docks and self-propelled barges. Anyone looking for a used large scale commercial transport barge will have no trouble finding the perfect boat on our online marketplace. 


Fishing Boats

Perhaps the most common to come to mind when people think of commercial boats is the fishing boat. We have fiberglass, fiberglass over wood, and steel fishing boats ranging in size from 42 feet to well over 350 feet. We also have a selection of steel longliners for those who employ this specialized method of commercial fishing. 



A tugboat s main goal is to, unsurprisingly, tug or push another vessel. Quite often, this other vessel is some type of barge. Tug boats need an impeccable propulsion system to handle not only transporting its own weight but also the weight of the additional vessel and any supplies it might be carrying. We offer model bow tugs, truckable tugs, and push boats. 

Ocean Marine

As you see, we have quite an extensive category of used commercial boats for sale. Why do sellers and buyers alike turn to Ocean Marine again and again?


Sellers will greatly appreciate our long-established base of clients. Not only do we have connections with thousands of potential buyers, but they are specifically commercial buyers. This means there will be no time wasted pitching your vessel to those only looking for recreational boats.  Our brokerage firm is worldwide and we partner with the industry’s best transport companies. You will have the greatest chance of finding the perfect seller with Ocean Marine.


We have our large client base because of our superb customer service and our 100% price match guarantee. Buying your used vessel with Ocean Marine eliminates all the difficult guesswork and someone will always be available to answer your questions. 


Contact Ocean Marine today to begin the first step in buying or selling your used commercial boat!

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Used Commercial Vessels