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Closing Attorney Services

Avoid Costly Vessel Sale Mistakes!

Expert Guidance, Reduced Risk, Affordable Price

Client protection is a top priority at Ocean Marine, and in this area we’ve enjoyed great success working hand-in-hand with maritime attorney Michael Bono ( His dedication, detailed- oriented approach and creative problem-solving have earned our high recommendation. Through a special arrangement with Ocean Marine, he offers our clients a low, discounted fixed fee of $3,000 for most vessel sales under $750,000. This fee encompasses the following legal services:

  • Verify Legal Status: Conduct checks for recorded liens and title issues, search for red-flags in the vessel’s ownership/registration history, investigate possible ownership and other restrictions – and assess possible workarounds.
  • Negotiate / Draft Sale Terms: Draft the contract of sale, escrow agreement and closing documents – tailored for your specific situation.
  • Hold Deposits in Escrow: Safeguard deposits in an attorney trust account at the largest U.S. bank.
  • Advise on Marine Insurance: Assess policy terms and provide advice on the scope of insurance coverage and coverage limits.
  • Close the Sale: Confirm that liens have been cleared, facilitate the exchange of funds for the Bill of Sale and other closing documents, and notify the registry of ownership changes.

Additionally, Michael offers fixed fees for legal services in the following areas:

Vessel Finance • Vessel Registration and Classification • Vessel Delivery • Holding Company Formation • Asset Protection

Please visit for a step-by-step guide to the commercial vessel sale process and learn from costly mistakes others have made -- illustrated through actual experiences in the “War Stories” section of the website.

DISCLAIMER: Michael Bono and Aliant Maritime Law provide legal services that are independent of Ocean Marine. Ocean Marine doesn't receive compensation for client referrals or warrant such legal services. Clients should conduct their own due diligence.

Coastal Marine Documentation Services

We provide each customer with individualized service and always make ourselves available to answer any question or concern a customer may have. We have been doing vessel documentation working with Marine Brokers, Attorneys and USCG for over 6 years.

Call 321-305-4548 or email

Documentation of new and used Commercial and Pleasure Vessels

  • First time documentation
  • Corporate ownership
  • Commercial Endorsements
  • Re-documentation of Vessel
  • USCG Title Search
  • Closing Services
  • Deletion from Documentation
  • Name change of Vessel or Hailing Port
  • Replacement of lost certificate of documentation
  • FCC Radio License
  • Customs Clearances
  • EPIRB Registration
  • Prepare Satisfaction of Mortgage
  • Escrow Services
  • Notary Services
  • Abstract of Title
  • Documentation renewal
  • Check for outstanding liens and other encumbrances.
  • Completion of vessel documentation with the U.S. Coast Guard as well as recording liens.
  • Registration of vessel with the Department of Motor Vehicles of Florida.

Delivery Services

Ocean Marine can help arrange for the delivery of your vessel anywhere in the world. Offering delivery service to the private and commercial boating communities who seek superior service and exceptional professionalism.

Crews will deliver your vessel to any port along the eastern or western seaboards, Gulf of Mexico, Caribbean Sea, Bahamian Islands, or trans-Atlantic-Pacific ports. Their goal is to have your vessel delivered as efficiently as possible without compromising the safety of the vessel or her crew.

Each delivery is performed by a highly experienced hand-picked professional crews. The number of crew required by her Captain depends upon the overall length of the vessel and trip duration.

Before departure crews will provide to you a delivery estimate for your inspection and approval. The estimate will provide you with an upfront idea of your costs and will include a plotted course of which we believe would be the most efficient and safest route to your final port of call.

Costs if requested, will include all delivery expenses (such as: fuel, docking fees, crew wages, food and transportation costs to the original point of departure and from the final arrival port to the original point of origin, and any repair or additional costs necessary to fulfill the delivery contract.

Upon completion of the delivery the crew will provide to you or your crews assessment of the voyage and the vessel performance. This comprehensive assessment will include our views on such items as structural integrity, sea trial, electrical systems, propulsion systems, fuel systems, machinery, navigational, appearance, electronics, and over all maintenance, as well as detailed trip information.

Ocean Marine has been organizing Panama Canal transits for the past 25 years. We can handle all you need for the transit of the canal, including passage, provisions, fuel, repairs, crew change, line handlers, etc.

Please contact us directly 985-448-0409 for more details and current pricing

Our captains and crew are reliable, skilled, professional, and efficient. The number one priority is safety, customer service and satisfaction.